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Investing in your future

A better way to give and receive wedding gifts

Weddingfutures is a new wedding registery service for the modern couple and guests looking for practical gifts that will truly make a difference!

Wedding Gifts for the Modern Couple

Today, couples already have many of the household items that are in the typical wedding registry. Receiving more of the same can be more of a punishment than a blessing as you''re already trying to consolidate your lives. Weddingfutures wants couples to be able to start their lives with all the things they really need like a down payment for a house, savings for that coming child and their education. The last thing anyone needs is a silver gravy boat.

How it works:
Registering is 3-Easy Steps

1. Click on the "Register" button and provide your information.

2. Select one of five different wedding registry portfolios, and provide us with your bank or brokerage information.

3. Tell your friends and family where you''re registered!

Easy gift giving in minutes!

Giving a wedding gift that will truly make a difference in the happy couple''s lives is easy and no different than giving any wedding gift, except this is better!

How it works:
Giving a meaningful gift in 3-Easy Steps

1. Search for the happy couple by first or last name.

2. Select the stock or mutual funds and how many shares.

3. Pay for only the shares - no commissions, no tax, no shipping! Just the gift!

Greener gifts that really matter!

Weddingfutures is a green wedding registry option because every gift is purchased and transferred to the couple electronically. With the traditional wedding gift, valuable raw materials and resources are used to create the gift, ship it to factories and retail stores and finally delivered to the happy couple. Weddingfutures wants you to have the option to preserve these natural resources for your future.

Additionally, one of the wedding registry portfolios offered is a Green Registry that include only green companies and green mutual funds.

Invest in the couple''s marriage

Give a meaningful and practical gift to a couple as they''re starting their new lives together.

Weddingfutures offers guests the ability to invest in the happiness and success of their friends and families by providing them with a financial gift that can grow.